Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Voyager Pickleball Board Meeting Agenda

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
10:00 AM Santa Rita Room

1. Meeting called to order: Skip Deming
2. Introductions of 2016-2017 Board Members and people assisting Club operations
Skip Deming
3. Changes to the agenda (suggestions/items from the audience or Board)
4. Approval of the minutes from the March meeting
5. Treasurer’s Report: Terry Lavigne
* Questions/Comments
* Approval of the report
6. Public Comment (Non Agenda items/issues): 3 minutes per speaker; sign-in to speak
7. Social Activities: Lisa Hyde/Kedith Wickware
8. Tournament Director: Cindy Meekin/Sandy Black
9. Structured Play: Steve David
10. Player Improvement: Kerrie Palermo
11. Court Maintenance: Roy Morris
12. Court Usage: Victor Ray
13. Old Business: 
* Board Goals for 2016-2017
* Budget Priorities for 2016-2017
14. New Business:
* Process to identify new board member/s and committee chairs to fill current vacancies
* Meet with current Tennis Club leaders to improve communication and cooperation between clubs
* Schedule meeting dates for the rest of the season (December-March)
* Schedule Board member meeting with Rick
15. Next Board Meeting date and time:
16. Motion to Adjourn: