Monday, February 13, 2017

February 18, 2017

  1.  Meeting called to order:  Skip Deming
  2.  Changes (additions/deletions) to the agenda (suggestions/items from the board)
                                                          *Items for discussion from Club Suggestion Box
  3.  Approval of the minutes from January, 2016 meeting
  4.  Treasurer’s Report: Terry Lavigne
                                    *  Approval of report
  5.  Public Comment (Non Agenda items/issues):  3 minutes per speaker; sign-in sheet       at the door
  6.  Social Activities: Discussion of options
  7.  Tournaments: Cindy Meekin & Sandy Black
  8.  Structured Play: Steve David
  9.  Player Improvement: Kerrie Palermo
 10. Court Maintenance: Roy Morris
 11. Court Usage: Victor Ray
 12. Old Business:
                        * Discussion of VPB Club goals for 2016-2017
                        * Re-establish Budget Priorities for 2017
* Filling current Board Position vacancies and turnover                          positions for 2017-2018; drop Social Coordinator and add Communications Coordinator
 13. New Business:
            *Changes in the VPB Club Charter
*Applications for 2017-2018 VPB Board; scheduling interviews for applicants
            *Develop plan for using the 4 new courts

 14. Next Meeting Date:

 15. Motion to Adjourn: 

New photos of the Voyager Pickleball players

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Monday, January 30, 2017

CPR Class Just For Pickleball Players!

In January 2014 Art Meyers was playing pickleball on one of our courts when he suddenly collapsed.  He and his wife Linda had just taken one of the CPR classes offered at Voyager a few days before. Because she had learned how to recognize the signs of sudden cardiac arrest  Linda  began CPR while a trained bystander ran for the nearby AED (automatic defibrillator). A single shock from the AED restored Art's heart to a regular rhythm and he is very much alive and well today.

This is the second time that a pickleball player has gone into cardiac arrest while playing here, and fortunately both victims were saved because trained bystanders administered aid. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere and at any time and after approximately three to five minutes irreversible brain/tissue damage may begin to occur. By learning how to determine if someone is in cardiac arrest and then quickly and methodically going through the steps required to provide an adequate blood supply to that person's heart you just might save a life. 

Plan to attend a special "Pickleball Players Only" class on Monday, February 20 at 6:00 PM in the Catalina Room. This free, one hour, hands on class is taught by specially trained medical students from the University of Arizona's Sarver Heart Center. You will learn how to perform the "new" CPR in which you don't check for a pulse nor do you do mouth to mouth breaths, and you will also learn how to use an AED. Sign up on the pickleball bulletin board. If you wish to make a donation to the Sarver Heart Center's Community Outreach Program there will be a donation jar at the registration table when you walk in.

February Drills

Drills are provided by Voyager Pickleball Club VOLUNTEERS so players can improve their skills.  Join in and you are sure to make advances.  Drills are limited to 12 participants.  Sign-up sheets will be available the week prior to the drill at the bulletin board near Court 6.  Please note the skill level and plan on coming even if you are on the wait list in case there are openings. 
NOTE: The schedule may change due to volunteer availability or weather.

Thursdays and Fridays
11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Courts 9 & 10
Scheduled Drills
February 2&3
No Drills – Senior Olympics
February 9
February 10
Mixed Drills
February 16
Beginner Lesson Follow-up
2.0 – 3.0
February 17
Volley Block Drills w/ Ball Machine
February 23
Serve, Receive & Return
February 24
Volleys & Blocks

February Clinics

Clinics are provided by the Voyager Pickleball Club VOLUNTEERS to help improve player skills.  Some of the clinics are open to everyone, while others are limited to fit specific skill levels.  Clinics are restricted to 12 participants to allow individualized attention.  Sign-up sheets are available the week prior at the bulletin board near Court 6.  Please note the skill level and plan on coming even if you are on the wait list in case there are openings.

Doubles Strategy                 Drop Shots
Wednesday, February 1st                                Wednesday, February 8th
Levels: ALL                                                Levels: 3.5+
Instructors: Angie & Jim                           Instructors: Diane Hill & 
       Morrison                                                      Terry Lavigne

SPECIAL CLINIC -- CPR for Pickleballers --
Monday, February 20th, Catalina Room, 6:00 to 7:00 pm
See Separate Announcement & Sign-up (No Charge)

Ratings: Understand & Prepare        Serves, Strokes, Strategy  
Wednesday, February 15th                                   Wednesday, February 22nd
Levels: All (No Charge)                                    Levels: All
Instructor: Priscilla Scott                                Instructors: Dick & Nancy Heebsh 

FROM 11:00AM TO 12:30 PM ON COURTS 9 AND 10

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

 Board Minutes

The November and December Board Minutes have been posted.  To view or download click on Nov and Dec Minutes on the lower right side of the page.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Voyager Pickleball Board Meeting Agenda

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
10:00 AM Santa Rita Room

1. Meeting called to order: Skip Deming
2. Introductions of 2016-2017 Board Members and people assisting Club operations
Skip Deming
3. Changes to the agenda (suggestions/items from the audience or Board)
4. Approval of the minutes from the March meeting
5. Treasurer’s Report: Terry Lavigne
* Questions/Comments
* Approval of the report
6. Public Comment (Non Agenda items/issues): 3 minutes per speaker; sign-in to speak
7. Social Activities: Lisa Hyde/Kedith Wickware
8. Tournament Director: Cindy Meekin/Sandy Black
9. Structured Play: Steve David
10. Player Improvement: Kerrie Palermo
11. Court Maintenance: Roy Morris
12. Court Usage: Victor Ray
13. Old Business: 
* Board Goals for 2016-2017
* Budget Priorities for 2016-2017
14. New Business:
* Process to identify new board member/s and committee chairs to fill current vacancies
* Meet with current Tennis Club leaders to improve communication and cooperation between clubs
* Schedule meeting dates for the rest of the season (December-March)
* Schedule Board member meeting with Rick
15. Next Board Meeting date and time:
16. Motion to Adjourn: