Monday, April 25, 2016

The new Voyager Pickleball Structured Play Session Schedule for 2017 is now available.   Click on the 2017 Structured Play Schedule on the right side under Club Information.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Structured Play – Steve David

Steve reported that to date, there were 2752 participants in the structured play sessions.

Steve advised that there will be two “shoot out” sessions starting in the fall at the 4 p.m USAPA rated 3.5 and 4.0 +.  These will occur on Tuedsays and Thursdays.

Steve also reported that he had received more volunteers to help with the 2.5 novice sessions and is looking at ways to lessen the time commitments for the volunteers, i.e. commit to one month instead of three.  A suggestion was made that providing a training session for the volunteers might encourage more people to consider helping.  This will be looked into at the beginning of the fall season.

Skill level 3.5 & 4.0+ USAPA Rated 462 11.27
Skill level 4.0+ Self-Rated Shoot-out 66 11.43
Skill level 3.5 Self-Rated Shoot-Out 214 26.67
3.0 Self-Rated Partner Switch 692 19.77
2.5 (Nov.) Self-Rated Partner Switch 375 11.03
Women's and Men's Partner Switch 509 29.94
3.0 - 3.5 Self-Rated Mix 218 24.22
Co-Ed partner Switch 216 24.00
GRAND TOTAL 2752 158.33

March Board Minutes

The March Board Minutes have been posted.  To view or download click on Mar 2016 on the lower right side of the page.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Drills are provided by the Voyager Pickleball Club as a means to improve player skills.  Join in and you are sure to make advances.  Some drills are set to provide follow-up practice to the Wednesday clinic of the same week, while others offer practice for a variety of skills.  Drills are limited to 12 participants to allow individuals time to practice.  Sign-up sheets will be available the week prior to the drill at the bulletin board near Court 6.  Please note the skill level and plan on coming even if you are on the wait list in case there are openings. 
NOTE: The schedule may change due to volunteer availability or weather.

Thursdays and Fridays
11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Courts 9 & 10
Proposed Drills
March 4
Drop Shots
3.5+ (rated)
March 17
Serve, Receive & Return
March 18
All Skills Drills
March 24
Five Dink Drill
3.0+ (rated)
March 25
All Skills Drills
March 31
Drop Shots
3.5+ (rated)

Clinics are provided by the Voyager Pickleball Club to improve player skills. Some of the clinics are open to everyone, while others are limited to specific skill levels. Clinics are restricted to 12 participants to allow individualized attention and time to practice new skills. SIGN-UP SHEETS ARE LOCATED AT THE BULLETIN BOARD NEAR COURT 6. Please note the skill level and plan on coming even if you are on the wait list in case there are openings.


Date                Clinic                       Level                  Instructor
March 2      Drop Shots                     3.5+                Craig Palermo
March 3      Strokes & Strategy         ALL                 Dick Heebsh
March 16    Playing Singles               ALL                Ron Olivares
March 23    Promote Pickleball
                         in Your Town           ALL                 Skip Deming

March 30    Referee Line Judging    ALL                 Ron Olivares

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Voyager In-house Tournament

The deadline for signing up is rapidly approaching (March 3).  This is an easy going tournament that is all about having fun and maybe trying your hand at tournament play.  Click on the "Tournament Schedule - Pickleball Tournaments" link to the right of this post, then look for the Voyager announcement and you're on your way.
The board is reviewing a request to purchase a pickleball machine for the club to use in drills and/or for individuals to check out for their own drills.  There are many things to consider including how to manage check-out, maintenance, storage and other logistics.  In addition, the board will need to decide where the purchase fits into budget priorities and predict how much use the machine will get in the long run. 

WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OUR CLUB MEMBERS TO HELP US MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.   Please, take a moment to answer these three questions and place your note in the suggestion box:
  1. Do you support the purchase of a pickleball machine? 
  2. Do you plan to use it? 
  3. If so, how will you use it – organized drills? On your own? Both?

Bonus question? Are you willing to assist with drilling or providing logistical support?