Monday, January 30, 2017

February Clinics

Clinics are provided by the Voyager Pickleball Club VOLUNTEERS to help improve player skills.  Some of the clinics are open to everyone, while others are limited to fit specific skill levels.  Clinics are restricted to 12 participants to allow individualized attention.  Sign-up sheets are available the week prior at the bulletin board near Court 6.  Please note the skill level and plan on coming even if you are on the wait list in case there are openings.

Doubles Strategy                 Drop Shots
Wednesday, February 1st                                Wednesday, February 8th
Levels: ALL                                                Levels: 3.5+
Instructors: Angie & Jim                           Instructors: Diane Hill & 
       Morrison                                                      Terry Lavigne

SPECIAL CLINIC -- CPR for Pickleballers --
Monday, February 20th, Catalina Room, 6:00 to 7:00 pm
See Separate Announcement & Sign-up (No Charge)

Ratings: Understand & Prepare        Serves, Strokes, Strategy  
Wednesday, February 15th                                   Wednesday, February 22nd
Levels: All (No Charge)                                    Levels: All
Instructor: Priscilla Scott                                Instructors: Dick & Nancy Heebsh 

FROM 11:00AM TO 12:30 PM ON COURTS 9 AND 10