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Structured Play Schedule - 2018

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The board is reviewing a request to purchase a pickleball machine for the club to use in drills and/or for individuals to check out for their own drills.  There are many things to consider including how to manage check-out, maintenance, storage and other logistics.  In addition, the board will need to decide where the purchase fits into budget priorities and predict how much use the machine will get in the long run. 

WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OUR CLUB MEMBERS TO HELP US MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.   Please, take a moment to answer these three questions and place your note in the suggestion box:
  1. Do you support the purchase of a pickleball machine? 
  2. Do you plan to use it? 
  3. If so, how will you use it – organized drills? On your own? Both?

Bonus question? Are you willing to assist with drilling or providing logistical support?